Hand made cello in the styleof Stradivari

Paul Michael Stanton Fine cello.
Please note this cello can be viewed at Bridgewood & Neitzert 020 7249 9398

A natural golden ground is applied to the instruments prior to varnishing in order to ensure maximum translucency when the varnish layer is added. The varnish is made using traditional oils, gums and pigments and is applied in a manner that not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of the wood but allows maximum flexibility and thus resonance within the instrument. It also forms a vital protective layer. Paul Michael Stanton’s violins, violas and cellos are noted for their even response over their entire tonal range and posses a sonorous and projecting tone.

One of the most important stages in the violin making process is the setup of the instrument. Using his many years experience in this process Paul is able to ensure that each instrument is setup to the very highest standard using the best quality fittings. Finally it is of particular importance that the musician is able to obtain the very best in tonal performance from their instrument and it is to this end that Paul will work with each player to ensure that this is achieved.

The two piece back of maple of medium curl slightly descending across the back from the centre joint, the ribs, peg box and scroll of similar curl.

The two piece front of spruce of mixed medium-broad grain.

The varnish of a rich and lustrous orange-brown colour on a yellow ground.


Stradivari pattern cello

hand made by Paul Michael Stanton

£ 15000.00

£1250 per calender month
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