Sttradivari pattern violin

Stradivari pattern violin from the workshop of Paul Michael Stanton Violins. Based on the golden period of Stradivarius output, these violins are made by European trained luthiers to the highest standards using traditional violin making techniques mastered in the mid 17th century and virtually unchanged. I varnish each one using my own amber, sandarac and colophony based oil varnish. They are constructed from the very best tone woods with the fronts carved from evenly grained spruce and the backs, ribs and scrolls from deeply figured maple. They have an excellent tone and are evenly balanced over the four strings. The violins are suitable for post grade "8" playing and I have many being played in professional orchestras, quartets, ensembles and recording studios. I am a violin maker and Newark Violin Making School Graduate and I make certain each instrument is set up to the highest of professional standards before it leaves my workshop. The ebony pegs complete with Parisian eye detail are re-seated to guarantee smooth operation, the ebony finger boards are re-surfaced and good quality bridges are hand cut to ensure correct string heights. The violin comes with a "Wittner" integrated tailpiece for ease of tuning and a Guarneri pattern chin rest. Altogether beautiful instruments suitable for advanced and professional players. A well balanced top grade bow with ebony heel, fleur de Lys detail and abalone slide is included. A top of the range two tone hard case complete with hydrometer and four bow holders is supplied with each violin (see photos).
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£75 per calendar month over 12 months
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