High Quality Carbon Fibre Bow

Excellent quality carbon fibre violin bow.
•Lot's of research with various suppliers has found these bows to be the equal or superior to bows costing several times more.
•They weigh 60 grams and are balanced nicely for a quick response and ease in playing.
•The stick is hand made and of a high quality and is round (which we find most players prefer).
•Attractive silver nickel winding.
•Coloured Abalone slide
•Genuine Mongolian horse hair.
•Nickle Mounted
•Full size 4/4.
These bows are constructed to a high level of craftsmanship and excel in quality of materials used and finish achieved. The stick is made from the latest light and strong carbon fibre and performs well with the minimum of lateral movement often seen in cheaper bows. The bows are sent out to you fully rosined and ready to play. I am a professional violin maker with many years of experience dealing with bows of all types and I think these represent excellent value for money and provide great performance. For peace of mind and a guarantee of quality buy from Paul Michael Stanton a Newark violin making school graduate with over twenty years experience. Sent out in a strong and well packed tube.
£ 60.00
(SKU 22256)