Antique copy of of a late period Strad

Stradivari pattern violin made in Europe based on the instruments from "Strads Golden period" .A strong golden ground is applied. Following this I varnish the instrument with my hand made rich Red/Amber copal and sandarac varnish. The back is carved from top quality Europen maple and the top from low specific Italian spruce from val di Fiemme. (this makes a good match for the the tonal quality of the violin). The scroll is carved in the style of a Stradivari violin from this period. The instrument has a rich and sonorous tone that is evenly balanced over the four strings. I then set up the instrument to the highest of professional standards using top quality Swiss pattern ebony pegs, a hand cut delux "Aubert" pattern bridge, which I stamp with my workshop stamp (Paul Stanton), resonance strings and Wittner integral tailpiece (for ease of tuning).The violins spend several weeks in my workshop where I varnish and antique them to the very highest standard. In most respects these are copies of original Strads and are virtually indistinguishable from their original counter parts. If you want a three hundred year looking facsimile of a classic Strad without the worries of repairs and restoration etc. this provides a sensible and somewhat less expensive alternative. All in all a beautiful looking violin that we don't see how it is possible to better for less than ?5000. Suitable for grade 8 plus and serious study.

£ 1500.00

£125 per calander month over 12 months
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