Allegro 2

Stradivari pattern violin. "The Allegro 2 Model" from the workshop of Paul Michael Stanton Violins. These instruments are entirely hand made. The front is carved from evenly spaced spruce. The two piece back and ribs from good quality maple. The instrument has a good tone and is evenly balanced over the four strings. Please note that unlike many sellers I am a professional violin maker and Newark graduate and each instrument is set up to the highest of professional standards. The good quality pegs are re-seated to ensure smooth operation, the nut is lowered and the fingerboard re-surfaced. I then hand cut a bridge to ensure correct string heights and playability (I normally charge £80 for this alone).The instrument is fully set up and ready to play. The violin comes with a "Wittner style" integrated tailpiece for ease of tuning and a Guarneri style chin rest. Altogether a great looking instrument that at this low price represents excellent value for money. Suitable for all players up to about grade 6. Complete with good quality bow, shaped styro foam hard case with music pocket and rosin. Everything you need to get you playing! Upgraded "Resonance" strings available at an additional £35.
£ 120.00
(SKU 22226)