Workshop cello hand varnished by Paul Michal Stanton

Stradivari pattern cello from the workshop of Paul Michael Stanton . I purchase these cellos in the white and personally finish the woodwork to my own specification. A strong golden ground is then applied. Following this I varnish the instrument with my hand made rich Red/Amber Copal and Sandarac varnish. The front is carved from high quality evenly spaced Spruce and the beautiful two piece back and ribs are fashioned from highly figured Maple. The scroll is carved in the style of a Stradivari cello from this period. The cello has a rich and sonorous tone that is evenly balanced over the four strings. I then set up the instrument to the highest of professional standards using top quality Swiss pattern ebony pegs, a hand cut delux "Aubert" pattern bridge, which I stamp with my workshop stamp (Paul Stanton), Jarger strings and Wittner integral tailpiece (for ease of tuning). All in all a lovely looking cello that we don't think you will better for less than £5000.
£ 3800.00
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